Welcome to your BHRT Quiz

What is your gender?

Do you have decreased muscle mass or lack of endurance? Getting tired faster than you used to?

Are you having trouble losing weight or keeping the weight off?

Are you experiencing mood swings? Do you have a shorter temper?

Do you have a reduced sex drive?

Do you have an issue concentrating ? Find yourself suffering from "Brain Fog" ?

Do you notice feelings of anxiety, stress and nervousness?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you feel depressed?

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue?

Do you suffer from constipation/diarrhea?

Do you experience joint aches and/or arthritic symptoms?

**Female Only**


Do you experience painful intercourse?

** Females only **


Are you experiencing hot flashes ? Night Sweats?

** Males only **


Are you having trouble getting or keeping an erection ?

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