Doctor to the Stars Disciplined Over Menopause Therapy

September 21, 2018


On September 16, Kaiser Health News released an article about a California doctor treating menopause patients with bioidentical therapy. However, the Medical Board of California recently announced that the doctor has been placed on probation, claiming that she was ?unaware? of potential risks of plant-based hormones. The Board sited two instances that contributed to the doctor?s probation: one of her patients developed cancer and another was treated based on an incorrect diagnosis. While these two instances are unfortunate, the article fails to mention the countless patients successfully treated for menopause by this same doctor.

With that being said, I have been a practicing board certified OB-GYN for over 25 years, specializing in diagnosing and treating abnormal uterine bleeding. A little over seven years ago, I began utilizing bioidentical therapy to treat patients at The Youth Institute (TYI). We follow a process to determine the appropriate treatment options and do so by mandating pre-labs and consultation prior to treatment. Once a treatment plan is agreed upon, we monitor conditions through quarterly labs. Additionally, if a condition presents itself that we at TYI are unable to treat, we will refer patients to other doctors who may be of greater assistance. At TYI, we also request that you provide us with your medications in order for us to better understand the whole picture. Unfortunately, medicine is not an exact science, and based upon one estimation, taking prescribed medications is the fourth leading cause of death among Americans. Our patients come first at TYI, and we use the best bioidentical treatments available. Our goal is to make patients healthier, allowing them to enjoy a better quality of life. Whether it?s FDA approved medication or safe, all-natural bioidenticals, all patients need to be treated by competent professionals.

Some of my patients will ask me if we use FDA approved synthetic hormone treatment. I tell them, we use all-natural bioidenticals and here is one very important reason why in over 25 years of medical practice. The scientific literature shows that there are significant fewer side effects than FDA- approved synthetic hormone treatment. The distinction between bio-identical and synthetic is crucial. The 2001 WHI Study stated that post-menopausal hormone therapy causes breast cancer. This study consisted of 5000 women. The estrogen used in the study was synthetic Premarine estrogen, which is derived from pregnant horses. The progesterone used in the study, was also a synthetic, called Provera, increased breast cancer 28%. Dr. Fourner conducted two studies in France with 134,000 women. Breast cancer in the bioidentical arm using bioidentical estrogen and bio-identical progesterone (the same exact structure that these women?s ovaries use to make) showed no increase. In the arm that consisted of Provara, synthetic progesterone, it increased breast cancer by 69%. The conclusion: the synthetic progesterone caused the breast cancer.

We at The Youth Institute follow the highest standards of medical care.

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