Women’s BHRT Therapy

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

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The Youth Institute was founded and created to help both men and women restore their hormones – testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone – to optimum levels. Based on studies, your hormone levels will likely be more optimal than ever before. As these hormone levels rise, energy levels will jump back to levels you thought were gone forever. BHRT from The Youth Institute can make a 50 year old feel like 30 all over again. Using our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets, specifically formulated for The Youth Institute by Dr. Greg Brannon who is a fully trained and qualified female endocrinologist, you CAN turn back the hands of time and get the life back you have been missing.

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Do you really need BHRT?

Your body has evolved over millenia to deal with the environment to which it is exposed. One of the components that has allowed the female body to flourish over all this time are hormones. When hormone levels are low, the body will just not perform as expected. Low hormone levels result in a number of outward symptoms. As time passes, the ongoing lack of hormones can cause the body to slow down and even deteriorate faster than it really should. Men and women with low hormone levels share a number of symptoms, but a few issues are specific to the gender. Some common issues are below:

Typical Low Hormone Level Issues




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