Why BHRT Pellet Therapy?

The Youth Institute BHRT Pellet

We want the purest type of pellet possible. Over the years, we have worked with compounding pharmaceutical companies to produce the best and most effective pellet possible. To develop the pellet we are using for men, we use organic yams as the precursor to the testosterone. The pellet is 99.5% pure yam-hormone. The other 0.5% is composed of steric acid acts as a lubricant, holding the pellet together in proper form. (It is important to note that this steric acid is not absorbed at all into your system.) We don’t want the pellet to be too hard or it won’t dissolve properly.  The pellet can’t be too soft or it will flat out disintegrate in the body. The ratio that we currently have is the best possible pellet for our purposes.

Typically, a man will receive anywhere from 8-12 testosterone pellets at a time, depending on his lab levels. His pellet will contain bio-identical testosterone, with each pellet having a dosage of 1600-2200 mg of testosterone.

The pellet we use for women will contain both testosterone and estrogen. The dosage of the pellet will range from 75-125 mg of testosterone and 6-20 mg of estrogen. Women are able to ingest oral progesterone, as it does not affect the liver.

The actual process for providing BHRT via the pellet method

  • All BHRT work will start with an initial visit to your local BHRT office. At that time, a general consultation will provide the doctor with the information needed to determine if you will be a good candidate for this kind of treatment. He or she will also answer any questions that you may have about the program.
    • At the end of the consultation, both doctor and patient will determine if the process should move forward.
    • If there are no issues, blood tests will be requested by our office at The Youth Institute.
    • Most people will be able to visit a local med lab such as LabCorp® in an area near you. The necessary tests will be run. Normally a couple vials of blood will need to be taken.
  • Test results should normally be available in just 24 hours for our local office to review.
    • Your BHRT doctor (Dr. Greg Brannon) will review your hormone levels and determine proper doses for you.
  • The office will contact the patient to setup a time for pellet placement.
  • Pellet placement visit
    • Placement is not a major procedure and is done in your local BHRT office. 
    • The office visit will allow the patient to ask any further questions and provide any further information desired before the pellet placement.
    • The actual placement will take less than 10 minutes. It does not require disrobing or any wearing of paper gowns. It is simple and straighforward.
    • The placement area will be numbed with a small injection. After just a couple minutes, a small incision will be made the and pellets will be inserted deep under the skin.
    • After placement, the area will be covered over with a patch that will need to remain on for at least 24 hours and another underneath that should stay on for about a week.
  • Followup
    • The placement site may be irritated or even black and blue depending on your body’s reaction to the placement, but in many cases will be not even noticeable.
    • Most people will feel only a minor “pinch” where the placement has been made. A little ice will solve the problem.  Many people will feel nothing after a couple of days.
    • Most people will have no issues after placement
    • A possible complication will be expelling a pellet. If this occurs, please contact the office as soon as possible. This is NOT dangerous, but an additional pill will need to be placed to keep the treatment level in line.
  • Followup Lab Tests
    • The office will request another lab test in 4-6 weeks to verify hormone levels and make notes for adjustment if needed.
  • Ongoing visits every ~4 months depending on your level of physical of activity and own metabolism.



Comparing BHRT Delivery Methods

All treatments for anything are always a source of disagreement. BHRT is no exception. There are several methods for BHRT treatments. Some may be more advised for one patient over another method. In the big picture view however, there are reasons that pellets are the most stable and solid method for providing these powerful hormones to the human body.

The Youth Institute uses the pellets as they provide exactly the benefits above. Patient does not have another daily “to do”, the absorption rates and dosage amounts are excellent, the delivery is smooth and avoids peaks/valleys as with other delivery methods.  The delivery literally mimics the way the body works. As blood flow increases, more hormone will be pulled into your body.

1. Oral – Hormones are given as an oral pill. Capsules can be sized to fit the specific patient, but overall deliverable hormone levels are lower than other methods.  Oral dosages of estrogen are discouraged at this time due to the increased risk of stroke as well as the possibility of disrupting blood sugar and trigycerides. Pills need to be taken regularly to maintain any type of treatment level.

2. Creams – Creams can be applied directly to the skin and thus bypass the GI and liver and the potential negative effects with some hormones.  This obviously has to be applied on a regular basis.

3. Patches – BHRT patches can provide bioidentical hormones in a simpler fashion than orals and creams. Absorption by the body is slightly better as well as providing slightly higher dosages than generally available through oral or cream treatments.

4. Injections – Injections are only viable for testosterone as a rule. The larger doses possible with the injection method can make a significant impact to low testosterone, but at the expense of either multiple doctor visits or having the patient inject himself regularly.  There are some additional risks associated with the injections such as increased risks for liver, heart problems, blood clots and other.

5. Pellets – The favored delivery method for The Youth Institute. Small pellets, roughly the size of a grain of rice, are placed in fatty tissue of the buttocks or lower back area. The pellets can deliver a substantial dose of either testosterone for men, or estrogen/testosterone for women. Additionally, each implant session lasts for several months and provides a very substantial and stable release of the hormones into the body.

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