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The Youth Institute is here to restore your testosterone levels to the optimum levels and restore energy levels you thought were gone forever. BHRT from The Youth Institute can make a 50 year old feel like 30 all over again. Using our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets, specifically formulated for The Youth Institute and Dr. Greg Brannon, you CAN turn back the hands of time and get the life back you have been missing.

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Do I really need BHRT?

The male body is very resilient and it works efficiently when given the right components. One of the cellular level items that make it operate as expected is testosterone. Testosterone is THE male hormone. When that component is lacking, the male body will just not perform as expected. “Low T” issues include a number of outward symptoms. Over time, low T can be behind a lot of physical issues. Men and women with low hormone levels share a number of symptoms, but a few issues are specific to the gender. Some common Low T issues are below:

Typical Low T Symptoms



Low T and You

Men have their own sets of issues when it comes to hormones. The male hormone being testosterone, at least it’s easy to narrow down. That said, the male body  will be optimally registering testosterone levels between 800 and 1200 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter), but these days, very few men will have these kinds of readings. The testosterone levels in men have been dropping every year across the board. This is now often referred to as “Low T” – low testosterone.

The really scary thing here is that, while the normal aging process in men results in lowered testosterone levels as the body ages, overall male hormonal levels are in a complete decline. The levels that our fathers and grandfathers experienced were considerably higher than what today’s male population might ever have – without a little help at least.  The testosterone chart shows what is now the normal for men – and those numbers are significantly lower than previous generations. Referencing the first paragraph – the optimal levels should be between 800 and 1200. What happened? To put it simply, modern life happened. Check out our page on “Why are hormone levels low?”

Testosterone levels – Can you fix it on your own?

If you’re here, then you already are probably familiar with the idea of Low testosterone or “Low T” issues. You may have heard about this on TV commercials, from other friends who might have this issue, or maybe you are even using some type of testosterone supplementation at the moment. There are a lot of commercials that promise a quick fix from your local health store for Low T – but we can tell you definitively, while those “quick fixes” do something for your testosterone, it’s very minimal. As you go through our site, you will find out about bound testosterone which comprises about 98% of your body’s supply of testosterone and free testosterone which is the remaining 2%. “Quick fixes” work only on that 2% – leaving the real issue untouched. The answer to “can you fix it on your own?” No, you really can’t. Over the counter solutions don’t really even touch the problem regardless of what some aging jock in a commercial is telling you.

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