BHRT Hormone Therapy

BHRT is all about restoring your body to the historical hormone levels that have allowed it to flourish – until recently. The new “normal” levels of hormones in your body are often far from the levels that even your parents had at the same age.  And how do your levels compare to those experienced by your grandparents? You can probably guess. Pretty dismal.  But that is where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy comes in.

What do these hormones do?

For both men and women, the levels of hormones in our bodies control many things from our cardiovascular system and nervous system to our immune system – and some of the diseases to which a body may be susceptible. Hormones strengthen our bodies at the cellular level.  Hormones will strengthen the body cells and allow them to operate more efficiently.

How will BHRT help me?

Day to Day Benefits

You will be providing your body the elements it needs, to not only handle daily stresses, but to flourish while doing it. It’s all about aging gracefully. BHRT is not the answer to eternal youth or a panacea for poor habits,but there are many noticeable benefits to maintaining solid hormone levels in the human body. You will have found much of the equation that will truly allow you to “age gracefully”, maintain an healthy and vibrant life – well beyond what might otherwise be expected.

Energy levels can be maintained at a higher level, sex drive will continue, “brain fog” can disappear and memory can become much clearer. Just not running out of juice halfway through the day will be a blessing for most patients. Understand, you won’t be running around like a 5 year old, but the improvement in energy levels WILL be noticeable. Very noticeable.




Longer Term BHRT Benefits

As mentioned above, low hormone levels are behind many systemic processes in the human body. Low hormones can lead to an ongoing lack of energy, can leave people more susceptible to depression, increase the risk for heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. Low hormones can also leave the body open to diseases including diabetes, dementia and Alzheimers.

The dreaded “c” – cancer – is also found more frequently in individuals with lower hormone levels.  Often mentioned, sex drive is often fairly low when hormones are low. By boosting those hormone levels, patients can look forward to so many things – including:

Why “BIOIDENTICAL” hormone replacement therapy?

The pellet that we use is made up of 99.5% natural testosterone that comes from yams. Their structure is identical to that of the human body. The other 0.5% of the pellet is composed of steric acid that allows the testosterone to hold together and to dissolve slowly when placed. This identical-ness is the major differentiator between bio-identical and synthetic hormones.

This is important! It negates any chance of dangerous side effects. Because these hormones are “bio-identical” to your body’s structure so it won’t react against it. Unlike synthetic hormones that present dangerous consequences, BHRT is safe and effective.

This means that the body recognizes bio-identical hormones as itself. This is critical. Traditional hormone replacement therapy uses drugs whose structure and nature are foreign to the human organism. Hormones, then, are not drugs. Hormones are molecules produced by our own glands and so do not come with the undesirable side effects of traditional hormone drugs—as long as the hormones prescribed are identical to those made by the body.

And that is the way The Youth Institute provides treatment – all natural hormones that are identical to those already found in your body.


Do I NEED “Bioidentical” hormones?

Hormone replacement therapy has actually been part of the medical arsenal for years. But for most of those years, and to this day, many hormone replacements that are used are not a match to those found in the human body. This is often referred to as synthetic hormone replacement – or even generically referred to as just hormone replacement therapy.  Currently, people may be seeing the phrase, “bio-equivalent hormones” and these are NOT bio-identical hormones. These hormones may be close to that found in a human body, but not an exact match as are bio-identical.

Examples of synthetic hormones include the drugs Premarin and Provera. They are often prescribed to help with menopausal issues including hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss and general anxiety.  The thing is that these are completely foreign to the human body. Premarin, for example, comes from the urine of pregnant horses. Obviously NOT something the body expects to be dealing with.  There is significant research showing that these types of bioequivalent hormones could very well be resulting a number of negative effects on the body.  The Youth Institute only provides true bio-identicals and that negates any concerns of unexpected interactions.

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