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If you are here, you have come to the right place to learn more about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) in Willow Springs. If you’re interested in getting right into BHRT, contact us at (866)789-2478 to learn more.

If you still have questions after reading this – BHRT can be a confusing topic at times with a lot of information that isn’t necessarily cut and dried for public consumption. Please feel free to reach out and we’re always glad to share our in-depth experience with this therapy.

What Can Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Do For Me?

The following items are common results of a solid hormone therapy program! This list isn’t comprehensive but targets the most well-known advantages of launching a BHRT.

How would you feel about…

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Read on…

Would BHRT Help You?

First, take stock of yourself right now. Have you got some issues which you may have attributed to “getting old” and you are just accepting them? Hanging out with friends and family – and you seem to run out of get up and go before everyone else? Is your love life not all that it was or could be? Is your doctor telling you that you need to start thinking about your cholesterol and lipids – and maybe start medications? Concentrating on anything has become difficult and you’re easily distracted? Expected there was nothing you can do about such problems. Now there is – it is time to speak with some a hormone doctor ! Common issues where BHRT can help:

Average Low Hormone Amount Symptoms

Could BHRT Be An Option For YOU?

Everyone has their own reason for starting BHRT – get the energy back from earlier years, greater focus, enhanced sex life, better sleep, maybe drop a few pounds… the reasons people choose to start are as varied as the people. Those mentioned here are only the ones that are short term benefits. Over the months and years that follow, optimal amounts of hormones may help maintain blood lipid levels, control arrhythmia, reduce the odds of heart attacks and strokes, drop the prospect of diabetes, lower odds of problems such as dementia and Alzheimers.

There is often not simply one reason to be looking at BHRT for yourself. Most individuals are overjoyed to flip the hands of time back a few years. A lot of both men and women patients will tell you immediately that the benefits and changes can be huge. While BHRT isn’t a cure-all for everything, getting your body’s amount of hormones back to optimal will let you live better longer.   Read more about Youth Institute BHRT program.




Women’s Bioidentitcal Hormone Treatment

While women all pretty well know that they are likely to undergo a huge change within their hormone makeup sooner or later, it does not automatically make the situation any more tolerable. Even prior to menopause, women still are very often low on hormones.  This deficiency can appear in a number of ways. After menopause, and those hormone levels plummet. After spending 30+ years being bombarded every day with hormones, the hormones now will all but vanish from a female’s body. Hot flashes are among the most frequently mentioned unwanted symptoms. As the hormone levels drop, so does a lot of the familiar energy. The impacts of low estrogen levels can be a massive change for any woman. Estrogen pills will likely work wonders for any woman who gives it a try! With BHRT, you no longer have to put up with it. As an OB/GYN, Dr. Greg Brannon is a fully trained female endocrinologist. 

Read more about Women’s BHRT

Mens’s BHRT In Willow Springs

Andropause – when a man’s hormones drop noticeably enough that life is impacted. Is this behind that middle-aged crazy? Lack of hormones? Whether it is or not, lowered hormone levels in a man’s body can turn into a problem quickly. Where is all that energy that you used to have? Gone out the window it seems. Might be starting to put on a few pounds. Concentration is difficult. Sexual issues such as ED can be noticed. Over the long term, some of these issues can turn into bigger problems leading to depression and even heart attacks/strokes. This is commonly attributed to low-t, and the best solution in turn would be testosterone pellets. Hormone pellets may sound daunting, but they’re the most effective and safest delivery method. The BHRT treatment can be a great step towards allowing your body to operate the way it was meant to.

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The Youth Institute BHRT Solution

The fantastic news is the Youth Institute is available to take care of women and men from the Raleigh Triangle region. With well over 3000+ BHRT patients treated, Dr. Greg Brannon is experienced and knowledgeable. The Youth Institute utilizes pellets as a favorite system of hormone delivery. The hormone flow is smooth and constant – preventing spikes in amounts of hormones. Erasing the need for multiple visits to the physician for continuing shots. It also allows the hormones to be delivered in quantities sufficient to permit patients to return to OPTIMAL hormone levels in a matter of weeks. This all sounds like a pretty amazing deal, doesn’t it?

What Else Could Be Done?

The professional team here at Cary BHRT is able to perform many treatments that can help you turn back the hands of time. More than 20 million people in the country face thyroid issues, and a lot of them aren?t doing a single thing to treat it. People simply pass it off as old age and try to deal with it. Did you know that one in eight women will develop a thyroid disorder in their lifetime? Here at Cary BHRT, we treat YOU, not just your symptoms.

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