Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Spring Lake NC

So, we can go ahead and assume that you?re here for a reason. I think you’re either here to take that next step towards improving your overall body health or just to learn more about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. We’ve got all of the info you could need here! Excitingly, we’ve just opened a new office in Southern Pines, a great location for servicing you! Otherwise referred to as “The Atrium” this office is at 125 Murray Hill Rd. Suite C. Southern Pines, NC, 28387! We can’t wait to see you!

Believe us, we know It can be a challenge to understand all of this information, especially the first time you hear it. If you?ve got any questions at all please don?t hesitate to call and find out more.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

BHRT has so many possible benefits depending on your own personal issues. A list of everything would be many pages long, but we try to cover some of the big points here! Remember, your experience is going to be unique to you, we are all different!

How do these sound?

These benefits are great!

BHRT – Could It Be For You?

It?s very easy to neglect our physical health, other things just come first. With that being said, how bad is your body feeling right now? The human body is super tough, but the small things can really add up over the years and leave your body feeling a lot more broken down earlier than it should. Do you find your blood sugar & cholesterol going up even when you ALWAYS eat healthy? Have trouble concentrating? Putting on some weight – metabolism slowing down maybe? Not able to finish even one job around the house anymore? Have you been feeling out of sorts a bit?  It’s easy for declining hormone levels to sneak up on you – and things gradually slow down. You don’t have to accept these “truths”! You can turn the hands of time back a bit, just talk to your BHRT doctor and see what we can do today!

Here’s a few of the common issues:

Common Low Hormone Level Issues


People have so many reasons to be interested in BHRT – clear up that ?brain fog? you get every afternoon, bring your sex life back to its former glory, just sleep better at night, or even lose a little bit of weight?and that?s just a few of the reasons. As life goes on, the hormones that course though your body have a very powerful effect on you. They can change you like nothing else can. If the hormone levels in your body are really out of whack, you could have a higher chance of heart issues, diabetes, and higher levels of lipids in the blood!

There are SO many reasons to be interested in BHRT. A lot of people would jump at the chance to age in reverse! BHRT is NOT a magical fix all for all of the things that have happened over the years, but its a powerful step in the right direction towards better health. Help yourself live the longest and most fruitful life you can!



Women’s BHRT In Spring Lake NC

ALL women face hormonal changes at some point or another, no matter how healthy you are or anything of the like. No, menopause is not pleasant for anyone, even before it happens hormone levels can be on the low side. But after menopause, your hormone levels will drop even more! After all of these years of daily bombardment from hormones, its a stark change to go to almost nothing. Hot flashes are probably the most commonly known ailments. Even the smallest changes in your body can leave you feeling extremely different. Vaginal infections and dryness in conjuction with a diminished sex drive can lead to future issues, and at the very least discomfort and annoyance. Estrogen pills will likely work wonders for any woman who gives it a try! With all that being said, it might just be time to check out Bio-Identical hormones! As an OB/GYN, Dr. Greg Brannon is a fully trained female endocrinologist, and probably your best bet! The female body truly is an amazing thing, so it should be treated as such! 

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Men’s BHRT In Spring Lake NC

It doesn?t take much change for a man to be able to notice the turning point in his life. This is lately referred to as ?andropause?. This is essentially the male equivalent of menopause! Levels aren?t at 0, but it doesn?t take much of a change to leave you feeling beat at the end of the day. Who wants to feel exhausted and have no drive all of the time? Men may start to lose some muscle mass, put on some weight and form a ?dad bod?, among other things. This is commonly attributed to low-t, and the best solution is testosterone pellets! Hormone pellets may sound new and scary, but they’re the most effective and safest delivery method. Compared to coming in to the office every week for a shot, one pellet sounds like a pretty good thing! How you choose to handle this can have a major impact on your later years.  Do you want to age “gracefully” or just get old? It’s a safe bet that most people want to age gracefully. Getting old shouldn’t be an excuse for putting up with these symptoms, we can help you fight them off!

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BHRT In Spring Lake For Men AND Women

The fantastic news is that The Youth Institute is available to take care of men and women in the Spring Lake area. With well over 3000 patients to date, Dr. Greg Brannon is experienced and knowledgeable in all things BHRT. The Youth Institute turns to pellets as the preferred system of hormone delivery. The delivery of the hormones is smooth and constant – avoiding dangerous spikes in levels, multiple visits to the doctor for continuing shots, and simply being able to get enough hormones into the body to allow patients to return to OPTIMAL hormone levels, and not taking too long to do it. So, do you think HRT (hormone replacement therapy) sounds like the solution for you?

Other Hormone Replacement & Thyroid Treatments 

The team at Cary BHRT isn’t only good at one thing, they pride themselves on being knowledgable about related things and having the ability to fight them! Thyroid problems are something that over 20 million people in the country struggle with, many of them unaware and just attributing it to old age, like you might be doing. We can help not only alleviate the symptoms that come with this, but we can figure out what treatment specifically is best for you and attack the cause of it all. Destroying your problems from the root and getting you feeling good again! Call or contact us today and let’s get working on solving the big issues!

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