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Why would I need Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

If these effects are not sufficient to motivate you, then we really don’t know what is! This list is NOT comprehensive but targets the most well-known advantages of starting a BHRT program.

Would you be interested in …

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Read on..

Do You Need To Take A Look At BHRT?

The first place to start is to look at the way you are feeling at this time. Do you have some problems which you may have attributed to “getting old” and just decided to live with them? Are you feeling older than you think you should? Does running around with the family wears you out before anybody else? Love life not all that it was? Blood sugar & cholesterol going up even if you DO seem to be eating pretty healthy? Can’t seem to concentrate on things like you have previously? Did you think there was nothing you could do about such issues and it is all just part of life? While these symptoms are usually broad, when all taken together, they can accumulate pretty quickly til – it is time to speak with the Sneads Ferry hormone doctor! Here’s Some of those kind of issues:

Typical Low Hormone Amount Symptoms

Would BHRT Be The Alternative For YOU?

People have their own motives – the desire to recapture the energy of earlier days, clear up “mind fog”, improved sex life, better sleep, muscle gain, and a little weight loss… that there are a LOT of reasons to become interested in this kind of hormone treatment. Those mentioned here are just the ones that are quick acting. During the long run you can expect that the increased levels of hormones may keep blood lipids under control, control your arrhythmias, reduce your odds of heart attack and strokes, lessen the prospect of diabetes, and even lower odds of issues such as dementia and Alzheimers.

Using a mixture of advantages similar to this however, there is often not just one reason to want BHRT. Most people are overjoyed to turn the hands of time back a couple of years. A lot of people who have experienced the process will agree the life changes can be deep. While BHRT is NOT a panacea for every bad habit you have had over time, getting the body’s level of hormones back to where it performs optimally is a strong decision to strengthen your body whatsoever. The hormones which course through our own bodies are extremely similar to the mortar that holds together bricks in walls and structures. They function at a cellular level to help different parts of the bodies/organs function more efficiently.Read more about The Youth Institute BHRT services.




Women’s BHRT In Sneads Ferry

While women all understand that they are likely to experience a huge change within their hormone makeup at some point, it does not necessarily make the situation any more easy. Even before menopause, hormone levels continue to be frequently low. After menopause, the meter goes totally flat with a woman’s hormones. After spending 30+ years being bombarded every day with hormones controlling a great deal of body actions, the hormones all but disappear from a woman’s body. Hot flashes are among the most frequently mentioned unwanted symptoms. A general shortage of energy sneaks up on a woman and ends up contributing to a general slowdown in their life and actions. Vaginal infections and dryness along with a diminished sex drive are common symptoms of the lack of hormones. The effects of low hormones can be a massive change for women. As an OB/GYN, Dr. Brannon is a fully qualified and trained women’s endocrinologist. 

Read more about Women’s BHRT

Men’s BHRT In Sneads Ferry

The health care world is just beginning to recognize a scenario similar to menopause in men called “andropause.” This is really the male equivalent of menopause – the point at which the testosterone in a man’s body drops to a level where things stop functioning as efficiently as they have previously. Levels might not be exactly “0” by any means but they have dropped to the degree where men will realize life just isn’t the same anymore. Most men will wind up frequently stacking on a little additional weight around the middle (think, “the Dad Bod”), they shed some muscle, and may not be quite as interested in sex as they once were – just a general feeling of despair. This is really hard for some men and it lowers the quality of their life. With the help of our fantastic testosterone pellets though, we can try to get you feeling like you did years ago! Our main goal is getting you feeling good again.

Read more about Men’s BHRT

The Youth Institute BHRT At Sneads Ferry For Both Men And Women

The fantastic news is that The Youth Institute is available to treat women and men in the Wilmington area. After treating 3000 patients to date, Dr. Greg Brannon is seasoned and knowledgeable in offering the best possible hormone dosages for patients. The Youth Institute utilizes pellets as a preffered method of hormone shipping. The discharge is smooth and continuous – preventing spikes in levels. Eliminating multiple visits to the physician for continuing shots while being able to gain enough hormones into the body to allow patients to return to OPTIMAL hormone levels.

Other Thyroid Treatments & Hormone Replacement 

Thyroid issues plague 35 million women and 15 million men. Getting old doesn?t have to be the worst thing ever, working with Wilmington BHRT you can begin to at least target the worst aspects. We?ve worked with enough patients to know that the best results come when you work on an individual level. We also know that when left alone these issues can get worse quite fast, have someone in your corner watching your back. Thyroid issues can be quite hard on you, really slowing you down. Let us do what we can to help you recover and get rid of your problem completely! Call or come in now, let’s get started!

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