Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pinehurst NC

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re interested in learning more about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), or you already know what you’re here for! If you’re positive you’re ready to take the leap schedule an appointment now! I’m sure that MOST people are here to get more information though, and that’s just what we’ll give you! The closest BHRT office for you will likely be our brand new Southern Pines location, “the atrium”! We are located at 125 Murray Hill Rd. Suite C. Southern Pines, NC, 28387. We look forward to helping you!

Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) For Me?

The possible benefits of hormone replacement are enough to excite a large majority of people! Of course it’s not comprehensive but it does focus on the most popular benefits of getting into a BHRT program. Different people will be more happy with different effects, it varies for each person – but its always hormone related issues.

Do These Excite You?

These benefits speak for themselves…

Don’t think BHRT is the thing for you regardless?

Stop ignoring how you feel for second and take a real inventory of it. Do the things that plague you seem to just be adding up more as time goes on? Have you for a long time felt other than you feel you should? Do you try your best to eat healthy but see none of the positive results from it? Does merely stepping outside tire you out? With all of these things piled on you at once, you can feel VERY weighted down. You don’t have to stay down any longer, take the step and talk to your Pinehurst BHRT doctor today! Here are some common ailments of low hormone levels, do any sound familiar?

Common Low Hormone Symptoms



Could A Visit to a BHRT Doctor Be The Best Option For You?

People don’t do things without motives – For BHRT those could include an enhanced sex life, more quality sleep, slight muscle mass increase, weight loss, cleared up “brain fog”, and just recapturing the energy you had in your earlier days! Hormone replacement is pretty exciting, depending on your own issues it could be JUST the treatment you’re looking for! The possible benefits are nearly endless, we’ve only mentioned some of the bigger ones. The hormones in your body can make a huge difference in how you feel overall. They can effect blood lipid levels(keep them at healthier levels), reduce your chances of heart attack/stroke, lower diabetes chances, and even possible lower chances of diseases like Alzheimers or dementia.

With benefits like this, its hard to NOT want BHRT for your issues! It’s safe to say that most people would leap at the chance to slow down the hands of time a bit. The overwhelming majority of people who have been through hormone treatment will plainly tell you it changed their lives for the better. Of course BHRT isn’t your cure all that you can go to when you feel bad, it’s a treatment and should be treated as such. It’s a move towards making your body stronger for the long term. Read more about The Youth Institute BHRT treatments.

Women’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy In Pinehurst NC

All women know (and dread the fact) that menopause is inevitable, and it’s not going to be a particularly fun time. Hormone levels are usually still on the lower side even before going through menopause! But after menopause, they obviously are going to drop lower for sure. After all these years of being bombarded with hormones, its a stark change for anyone to shy away from that suddenly. The most common ailment i’m sure we’ve all heard about is the hot flashes! Beyond that, a general lack of vitality can really sneak up some people, and change the whole pace of your life. Beyond that vaginal dryness and infections accompanied by a lower sex drive is a lot for any woman to handle. Estrogen pellets are touted as a wonder for any woman going though such things. As an OB/GYN who’s been doing his job for quite a long time, Dr. Greg Brannon is a fully qualified and trained female endocrinologist. He knows how the female body works, and how to work with that balance and help get you feeling better. Read more about Women’s BHRT.

Men’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Pinehurst NC

Believe it or not, the medical community is beginning to refer to a similar situation in men as “andropause”. Essentially, this is the male equivalent of menopause – the testosterone levels drop below a point where things work as well as they used to, and this is very noticeable for some people. It’s hard to say levels are at zero, but then again it only takes a small change to effect someone greatly. This slight drop could cause a man to put on some weight around the midline, lose some muscle mass, and maybe even lose interest in sex. These issues can generally be attributed to low-t, and testosterone pellets are an amazing solution! Hormone pellets may sound strange and even scary, but we can assure you they’re the best delivery method available now and one of the safest! Read more about Men’s BHRT

The Youth Institute BHRT In Southern Pines For Men AND Women

Luckily for you, The Youth Institute is available to take care of men and women from the triangle area and around alike! After treating well over 3000 patients in his career, Dr. Greg Brannon is both experienced and knowledgable in providing the optimal hormone dosages for patients of both sexes.  The Youth Institute counts on pellets as their primary system of hormone delivery. They provide a smooth and continuous discharge, preventing any rapid unsafe spikes in hormone levels. They also eliminate the need for multiple office visits for rounds of shots (ouch!) while getting the body back to OPTIMAL hormone levels in a reasonable amount of time. You can always learn more information if you like, but at this point do you think HRT could be for you?

Other Hormone Replacement & Thyroid Treatments

At your Pinehurst NC HRT office, we offer quite a variety of services. Over 35 million women and 15 million men suffer from some kind of thyroid disorder. Thyroid treatment can give amazing results for the people affected by diminished thyroid levels. The team at The Youth Institute works so hard to treat your issues at the root, not merely on the surface like some people. We embrace the fact that every person we treat is unique, and we take pride in being able to treat so many unique people and problems. Call or contact us today so we can start formulating the perfect plan for YOU. 

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