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Why Would Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Interest Me?

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Is BHRT For You?

While you’re here, stop what you’re doing for just a minute and take an inventory on how your body feels now and has felt lately. We’re all guilty of attributing something to getting old so that we don’t feel like we have to take care of it. When you?re active with friends or family, do you get exhausted first? Is your sex life really falling off for seemingly no reason? Can’t seem to get your blood and glucose levels to stay normal? Having trouble focusing constantly? Just feeling older than you think you should in general? I?m sure you?ve come to terms with these things, attributing them to life. Well, it doesn?t have to be that way. When some of these things start to add together, they can make a real difference in your every day life. It may be time to speak with your Greensboro BHRT doctor! Here?s a list of a few of these symptoms.

Typical Symptoms Of Low Hormone Levels

Is BHRT The Alternative For YOU?

Different people have all sorts of reasons for wanting to try out BHRT ? they may want to spend more time enjoying life the way that THEY want to, get back in good sleep patterns, get their sex life back to where it previously was, or even just swap some of that ever expanding midsection for some muscle. There are so many reasons that one may want to partake in HRT. Over the course of your life, the hormones in your body control and influence a huge array of different things. Asa you get older hormone replacement therapy can help you maintain lipid levels in the blood, control arrhythmias, lower your odds of strokes and heart attacks, lessen your chance for getting diabetes, and lower chances of developing issues like dementia and Alzheimer?.

There?s often not just one reason that people are excited about the receiving BHRT therapy, it offers a wide array of benefits. People are willing to do a lot of things to look and feel just a little bit younger these days. A large majority of patients come back and tell us what a profound effect the treatment had for them. Part of this is because our team specializes and crafts the treatment specifically to you, we work individually with everyone as much as we can. We do this because we understand that not only are men and women different on a biological and medical standpoint, but every individual person reacts to things differently. BHRT is NOT the cure all magical treatment for every bad habit you?ve had over the years, but getting hormones back in their optimal levels is a good step in the right direction. Think of it like learning to ride a bike, we’ll get your bike all repaired and take off the training wheels, but its up to you to keep it level and going steady. Read more about The Youth Institute BHRT program.




Women?s Bio-Identical Hormones

Most women are aware of and dread the fact that they’ll one day go through menopause. Even before menopause, a lot of women suffer from Low hormone levels , even before menopause. But after menopause you can be certain that your hormone levels are lower. It?s a big change for a woman?s body to go from being bombarded with hormones every day to receiving vastly lower amounts. One of the most often mentioned undesirable symptoms are hot flashes. The impacts of low estrogen levels can be a massive change for any woman. Estrogen pills are generally a great solution for all of these issues! BHRT can be a solution both before and after menopause for varying hormone levels. As an OB/GYN, Dr. Brannon is a fully trained and qualified endocrinologist. Let’s talk about your specific situation and see what’s best for you. Read more about

Women’s BHRT

Men?s BHRT In Greensboro NC

A situation similar to menopause has been identified by the medical community in men, called ?andropause?. This truly is the male equivalent of menopause ? the point at which the man?s body stops functioning as effectively as it had in the past due to testosterone levels dropping. This is not to say that one day you’ll wake up and feel totally different, but rather as time goes on you might just feel things start to drag more and more. Among the more common and noticeable things, some men may find themselves losing interest in sex, putting on a little weight around the middle, and losing some muscle mass and strength. There will likely be a noticeable point where men start to feel out of sorts. This is commonly attributed to low-t, and the best solution in turn would be testosterone pellets. Hormone pellets may sound daunting, but they’re the most effective and safest delivery method. Hormone replacement therapy could be your solution to fixing the things that slow your every day life down. 

Read more about Men’s BHRT

BHRT, For Men AND Women

We have some great news, the Greensboro NC BHRT office is able to take care of women and men alike. Dr. Gregory Brannon has treated over 3000 patients to date, needless to say he is very knowledgeable and experienced in selecting and proving the perfect hormones and dosages to his patients. We all understand that each patient is an individual person, someone who will react and feel differently than the last. This is the key to providing adequate hormone therapy is this understanding, we craft each BHRT campaign for YOU. The Youth Institute utilizes pellets as the standard method of hormone delivery. Unlike some other methods they have a smooth and continuous release which avoids unsafe spikes in levels, it keeps you from having to go to the doctor all the time for painful shots, but also allows the patient to return to the most OPTIMAL hormone levels quickly ? usually within just weeks. So, do you think HRT (hormone replacement therapy) could be right for you? We do too! Even if you’re not sure about being ready to take that next step right now, we can start talking and figuring out what would be best for you!

What Else Could Be Done?

Of the many possible issues old age brings, one you could be facing is thyroid disorders. Don?t trick yourself into ?I?m just getting old?, over 35 million women and 15 million men are affected in the country. Thyroid problems can cause you a wide variety of issues in your everyday life. Our team at Cary BHRT is not only knowledgeable about BHRT, they?re well versed in many different treatments. Not only do we strive to treat your symptoms, but to alleviate the root cause of them.

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