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Welcome to our BHRT Fayetteville page, our site has a lot of information and we hope you find it useful! If you?re here for information, please feel free to go through our whole site and look for any information relevant to you! If you?re here but already decided that you want to go further with BHRT, go ahead and send us a message or give us a call and schedule something, or even just let us know about any unanswered questions you may have. For you in the Fayetteville area, we assume our Southern Pines office will be the most convenient for you. It is located at 125 Murray Hill Rd. Suite C, Southern Pines, NC, 28387!

If you?ve got any questions after reading through the site, we?d love for you to get into contact with us! We don?t want you to be left with any unanswered questions if we know we can help to answer them! 

Why Would Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Appeal To Me?

If some of these effects can?t motivate you, we don?t know what can! ! If we put together a comprehensive list of all of the positive affects you could get from BHRT, you probably wouldn?t be able to finish it all. So here, we focus on the more common ones. It?s important to remember that everyone reacts to things differently, one person could be totally changed while another doesn?t feel much.

How do these sound to you…

Sounds amazing right? Read on!

Is BHRT For You?

No idea if BHRT is for you? Stop and take a minute and just think about how your body feels, what feels good and bad about it. I think at this point we?ve all got something that we just attribute to ?being old? and forget about. Is life just passing you by? Is your sex life dwindling down? Are your blood and glucose levels out of whack no matter what? Feel like you?re in a fog and just feeling older than you should be? I?m sure a lot of you have come to terms with that right? Well, you shouldn?t settle for that. When you separate all of these things out they?re not too bad, but putting them all together can be terrible. It may be time to speak to a Chapel Hill BHRT doctor. Below, find a more comprehensive list of potential ailments.

Typical Symptoms Of Low Hormone Levels

Is BHRT The Alternative For YOU?

We all have different reasons for wanting to try BHRT ? some may want to sleep better at night, improve sex life, gain some muscle, lose some fat, or overall just spend more of their time the way that they want to. The list of different reasons that someone could be interested in BHRT is endless! Over the course of your life, your hormones have controlled and done so many things in your body. Working on returning hormone levels back up where they should be may help lower chances of developing diseases like dementia and Alzheimer?s, lower chance of diabetes, lower your odds of stroke and heart attack, and maintain lipid levels in the blood.

When people get excited for BHRT, it?s usually for a wide variety of reasons. The chance to shed off the feeling of years of time is something that a lot of adults would jump at the chance of. BHRT treatment patients generally agree that it has changed their life in a very profound way. No treatment is a magical cure for everything, at that is just as true about BHRT as anything else. That being said though, taking that step towards getting your hormone levels back in order is a massive step towards your improved overall health. You’ll be thanking yourself later in life when you don’t feel too too old! Read more about The Youth Institute BHRT program.



Men?s Bio-identical Hormones

Have you ever heard of andropause? That doesn?t make it any more tolerable though, it?s still a pain! Well, it?s essentially the equivalent of female menopause, for males. This is the point at which a man?s body stops functioning quite as effectively as it has in the past just due to testosterone levels dropping. Now saying that hormone levels are dropping to absolute zero is just untrue, but they definitely do take a steep drop at some point and some/most people can just tell that something is a bit different now. You may find yourself putting on more weight around the middle, losing more muscle all over, and maybe even losing interest in sex. Some of these effects can really get to a man a lot, but you don’t have to let them! This is commonly attributed to low-t, and the best solution in turn would be testosterone pellets. Hormone pellets may sound daunting, but they’re the most effective and safest delivery method. If you are just starting to feel not as good anymore, BHRT could be just the answer that you are in search of.

Men’s BHRT

Women’s Fayetteville BHRT

Most women are at terms with the fact that they?ll face big hormone changes in their own bodies one day. But that doesn?t at all make it any more tolerable for anyone. Hormone levels are still frequently low, even before menopause! But, after menopause those certainly do drop even more. As you could expect, the impacts of low estrogen levels can be a massive change for any woman. Estrogen pills will likely work wonders for any woman who gives it a try! Of all of the symptoms associatecd with low hormone levels in women, hot flashes are among the most common and complained about. BHRT could be the solution you need, whether it be before or after menopause. Dr. Brannan is a fully trained and qualified endocrinologist, as well as a OB/GYN. Let’s see what we can do for you to get you feeling better, hormone issues don’t have to stop you!

Read more about Women’s BHRT

The Youth Institute BHRT For Both Men AND Women

We can share some great news with you, your Fayetteville BHRT office has the ability to care for men and women alike. Dr. Gregory Brannon is one of the most well equipped people to handle your BHRT treatment, he?s treated over 3000 patients to date! Pellets are the standard delivery method for The Youth Institute. They allow a continuous and smooth release of hormones into the body, which is key in avoiding spikes in levels, avoid having to constantly visit the doctor?s office, all while returning to optimal hormone levels quickly ? usually within weeks. Sounds a lot better than weekly shots! Could HRT be the best option for you? Let’s find out!

Other Thyroid Treatments & Hormone Replacement 

Hormones may not be the only issue you run into as you age, more than 20 million people in the country face thyroid issues, many of them totally unaware. We all know that we slow down with age, but you should do what you can to thwart that. Our team is capable of recognizing and treating quite an array of ailments, call in and see what we can do for you! Here at Cary BHRT, we treat YOU, not just your symptoms. The sooner we get in contact and get you treated, the better! Out biggest goal is to have you feeling better again.

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