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We are happy to have you here to learn more about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) at Clayton or even getting ready to start treatments. We have done our best to provide solid information here and we will continue to add information as we move along.

If you still have questions after reading through our site, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re always happy to answer questions and provide facts about this exciting therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

If these effects aren’t enough to inspire you, then we really do not know what is! This list isn’t comprehensive but targets the most popular advantages of starting a BHRT program.

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Would BHRT Help You?

The first place to begin would be to look at the way you feel right now. Have you got some problems which you might have attributed to “getting older” and just been more or less living with? Body feeling a little older than you think it really should? Running around with the family wears you out before anyone else? Love life maybe not all that it was? Blood sugar & cholesterol issues even while eating pretty healthy? Can’t seem to concentrate on things – brain fog? Expected there was nothing you could do about such issues and it’s all just a part of life? It might just be time to speak with a hormone doctor about BHRT! Here’s some of those type of  indicator issues:

Typical for someone with low hormone levels

Is BHRT The Solution You’ve Needed?

People have their own motives – desire to recapture the power of earlier days, clear up “brain fog”, enhanced sex life, better sleep, small muscle increase, maybe some weight loss… there are a host of reasons to become interested in this type of hormone therapy. Those mentioned here are just the quick ones. During the long haul, increased amounts of optimal hormone levels will keep blood lipids under management, do a better job of controlling arrhythmia, drop your odds of heart attacks and strokes, decrease the prospect of diabetes, lower odds of problems such as dementia and Alzheimers – optimized hormone levels can be JUST what your body needed.

There are so many benefits from hormone therapy that there’s seldom just a single reason to make that jump. Most individuals would be overjoyed to turn the hands of time back a few of years. BHRT patients will often tell you that the life changes they’ve experienced are huge. While BHRT isn’t a a cure-all for every bad habit you have had over the years, getting the body’s level of hormones back to where it works optimally is a great decision.  Learn more about The Youth Institute BHRT treatments.



Women’s Bioidentical Hormone Treatments

All women know that their hormone levels are going to massively change at menopause. Knowing it does not necessarily make the situation any more tolerable. Even before menopause, hormone levels for most women are already low. After menopause, things go totally flat. After spending 30+ years being flooded daily with hormones, the hormones all but vanish from a woman’s body. Hot flashes are one of the most frequently mentioned unwanted symptoms. Vaginal dryness and infections along with a diminished sex drive are often mentioned. Life generally can seem just “off”. The effects of low hormones can be a massive change for women. The impacts of low estrogen levels can be a massive change for any woman. Estrogen pills will likely work wonders for any woman who gives it a try!As an OB/GYN, Dr. Greg Brannon is a trained and full qualified female endocrinologist. 

Read more about Women’s Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

Men’s Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy In Clayton NC

The health care community is just starting to consult with a scenario analogous to menopause in men called “andropause.” This is truly the male equivalent of menopause – the point at which the testosterone in a male’s body has fallen noticeably in day to day life. Testosterone may not be a zero, but the hormones are so low that men will notice life just is not the same. Men may end up sporting “the dad bod”, lose some muscle, might not be quite as interested in sex as they once were,  and just not feel like they’re at the top of their game anymore. This is commonly attributed to low-t, and the best solution in turn would be testosterone pellets. Hormone pellets may sound daunting, but they’re the most effective and safest delivery method. BHRT? This might just be the answer you’ve wanted.

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The Youth Institute BHRT For Men And Women

The fantastic news is that The Youth Institute is available to take care of women and men in the Clayton area. After treating over 3000 patients to date, Dr. Greg Brannon is experienced and knowledgeable. The Youth Institute uses pellets as a preferred system of hormone delivery. The hormone release is smooth and constant – avoiding spikes in the levels of your hormones. Eliminating the multiple visits to the doctor for ongoing shots and also being able to get enough hormones into the body to allow patients to get back to OPTIMAL hormone levels in just a few weeks.  So, if you think HRT with hormone pellets could be the answer for you, contact us today to get started!

Other Thyroid Treatments & Hormone Replacements

The professional crew here at Cary BHRT is trained and qualified for many treatments that can help you turn back the hands of time. Many millions of Americans face thyroid issues, and a lot of them aren?t doing a single thing to treat it. Why? They just don?t know they?re sick. Did you know that one in eight women will develop a thyroid disorder in their lifetime? When you come here we work directly with you to solve YOUR problems and treat the underlying causes. Go ahead and contact us so we can start getting you feeling better today! 

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