Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Charlotte NC

So, you?re probably here for one of two reasons. You either want to learn more about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or you?re already ready to take that next step towards a better feeling and healthier body. If you?re on the hunt for more information, just keep reading below!

Believe us, we know It can be a challenge to understand all of this information, especially the first time you hear it. If you?ve got any questions at all please don?t hesitate to call and find out more.

Why would Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Interest Me?

We’ve done our best to come up with a list that covers a broad variety of the positive things we hear. This list isn’t comprehensive but focuses on the most popular benefits that people notice. Everyone is different and will thus have different experience both before and after HRT. Don’t base your experience just on what one person says, your experience could be so different from their’s. 

How do the following things sound?

It’s hard to imagine such great benefits couldn’t get someone motivated!

BHRT – Is Your Body Already Trying To Tell You Something?

Often times we neglect our physical health, how have you REALLY been feeling lately? As strong and resilient as the human body is, small changes can have big impacts on your overall health. Have you been feeling out of sorts a bit? Putting on some weight – metabolism slowing down maybe? Not able to finish even one job around the house anymore? It’s easy for declining hormone levels to sneak up on you – and things gradually slow down. Do you find your blood sugar & cholesterol going up even when you are eating pretty healthy on a regular basis? Have trouble concentrating? Have you just accepted all of these as truths? Well, we are of course all getting older every day, but you don’t have to act like it. It’s time to talk to your Charlotte BHRT doctor and see what we can do for you. 

Here’s a few of those type of issues:

Common Low Hormone Level Issues

Is BHRT The Solution For YOU?

People have a lot of different reasons for being interested in BHRT – be able to do things like they could in the past, clear up “brain fog”, improve their sex life, sleep better at night, put on some muscle, lose some weight… there are a great deal of reasons to become interested in this kind of hormone therapy. And we’re only mentioning the most common effects. In the long term, the hormones in your body have a powerful effect. They have an ability to change your body like nothing else really can. Having optimal hormone levels will help maintain blood lipids at normal levels, control arrhythmia, decrease the odds of heart attacks and strokes, drop the chance of diabetes, even lower odds of problems like Alzheimer’s.

There’s often not just ONE reason to want BHRT, there are many. A lot of people wish every day they could turn back the hands of time. A lot of people who have undergone the process will tell you pretty quickly that it’s done just that for them. While BHRT is NOT a panacea for every bad habit you’ve had over the years, getting the body’s hormones back to where it optimally falls is a powerful decision to strengthen your body. From that point, the rest is up to you. You have to live the type of lifestyle that you want to feel. Hormones operate at a cellular level to help unique parts of the bodies/organs function more efficiently.




Women’s BHRT In Charlotte NC

While women know that they’re likely to experience a massive change in their hormonal makeup at some point, it doesn’t necessarily make the situation any more tolerable. Before menopause, hormone levels are often already low. After menopause though, your hormone levels are destined to drop even more. After spending 30+ years being bombarded every day with hormones, the hormones all but disappear from a woman’s body. We’ve all heard about how bad hot flashes can be, they’re one of the most common symptoms. A small change in vitality can really sneak up on a woman and end up contributing to a general slowdown in life and activities. Vaginal infections and dryness in conjuction with a diminished sex drive can lead to future issues, and at the very least discomfort and annoyance. The impacts of low estrogen levels can be a massive change for any woman. Estrogen pills will likely work wonders for any woman who gives it a try! With all that being said, it might just be time to check out Bio-Identical hormones! As an OB/GYN, Dr. Greg Brannon is a fully trained female endocrinologist, and probably your best bet! The female body truly is an amazing thing, so it should be treated as such! 

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Men’s BHRT In Charlotte NC

When a man’s testosterone gets to the low point where he starts noticing it, it can be a turning point in life. People have lately been referring to this as “andropause.” This is truly the male equivalent of menopause – the point at which the testosterone in a man’s body begins to fall. Levels certainly aren’t at 0, but even small changes can be very noticeable for some men. Men will wind up frequently putting on a little extra weight around the middle (aka, “Dad bod”), lose some muscle, might not be nearly as interested in sex as they once were. This is commonly attributed to low-t, and the best solution in turn would be testosterone pellets. Hormone pellets may sound daunting, but they’re the most effective and safest delivery method. How you choose to handle this can have a major impact on your later years.  Do you want to age “gracefully” or just get old? It’s a safe bet that most people want to age gracefully. Getting old shouldn’t be an excuse for putting up with these symptoms, we can help you fight them off!

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BHRT In Charlotte For Both Men And Women

The fantastic news is that The Youth Institute is available to take care of men and women in the Charlotte area. With more than 3000 patients to date (wow, right?!), Dr. Greg Brannon is experienced and knowledgeable in all things BHRT. The Youth Institute utilizes pellets as the preferred system of hormone delivery. The delivery of the hormones is smooth and constant – avoiding spikes in amounts, multiple visits to the doctor for continuing shots which nobody wants to do, and as well being able to get enough hormones into the body to allow patients to return to OPTIMAL hormone levels, and it wont take forever to do it. So, do you think HRT (hormone replacement therapy) could be right for you?

What Else Could Be Done?

The team at Cary BHRT is more than just that, they?re able to identify and help you treat a lot of the issues that come with getting older. Thyroid problems are something that over 20 million people in the country face, many of them unaware and just attributing it to old age, like you may be doing. We can help not only alleviate the symptoms that come with this, but we can figure out what treatment specifically is best for you and attack the cause of it all.

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